We at Logicalis Financial Services are a specialist team of financing experts whose mission is to support the Logicalis Group of companies, alongside any partnering organisations, by providing your customers with a cash alternative method of acquiring technology hardware, software and services.

We bring over a century of financial expertise which has resulted in the development of our innovative, consultative engagement approach with a commercial view on risk, structure, terms and conditions that can bring forward cash flow and revenue where possible, also enabling greater spend and investment in critical technology infrastructure and services.

Our financial structures can support all types of businesses from OEMs, vendors, resellers, service providers, and outsourcers to end customers – all we need is a committed payment stream. We are not limited by any relationship with any single vendor or funding source, giving us the flexibility to develop solutions tailored to your individual needs.

More specifically, our product range includes ‘equipment as a service’ or capacity/consumption based models, in addition to software or maintenance finance, managed services arrangements and purchase order payment profiling to acquire the technology you require.

We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, working seamlessly with you and your customers with a view to driving business growth from investment in technology and establishing relationships that extend further than the immediate lifecycle of a single transaction.

PO Payment Profiling
Equipment as a Service

Equipment as a Service (EaaS):
Capacity delivered in line with your resource requirements

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Equipment as a Service